Spain 2003 Photos
Online gallery of scenic photography picturing South of Spain features artistic images of Andalusia, Malaga, Granada, Tarifa, Ronda and Gibraltar (British territory). Pictures of the mountains, Mediterranean Sea, historical sites, castles, art, architecture, and culture.

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Spain 2004 Photos
Online gallery from the South of Spain with artistic images of Andalusia, Cadiz, Seville, Baeza, Ubeda, Malaga, Benidorm and more. Pictures of Spanish cities, cathedrals, art, architecture, and culture.

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World - Spain Map
Spain is located on Iberian Peninsula in the southwest of Europe and is the second largest country in the European Union after France. Spain has a very long and rich history, and once a dominant power still holds an important role in the world's political and economic affairs. Spain is a wonderful country to visit. It offers warm climate and friendly people, vibrant culture and astounding beauty nature, arts and architecture. Spain is not expensive and is adored by millions of tourists coming from all over the world to experience the magic.


Map of South of Spain Gallery 2003
Point on the map to see green lines and red dots which
represent the 2003 trip route and places featured in the gallery.

South Spain Map

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Map of South of Spain and Portugal Gallery 2004
Blue line and red dots represent the 2004 trip route and places featured in the gallery.
Choose Spain or Portugal photos and click on the map below to see photographs featured in this gallery.

Spain Map 2004 Portugal Spain

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